The Northwest AIDS Foundation has been committed to community-based AIDS education since 1984, when it started conducting public forums and distributing brochures to promote what little knowledge was available then about the disease. Today this commitment is stronger than ever, as Foundation staff and volunteers reach tens of thousands of individuals in our community each year with detailed information about HIV and the skills needed to prevent it.

In its efforts to make sound use of community resources, The Foundation targets most of its prevention strategies to groups at highest risk for HIV. For many years, the epidemiology in King County has called for an emphasis on programs addressing gay and bisexual men, who account for almost 90 percent of all county residents living with AIDS. Today, as local public health experts warn of other groups whose risk for HIV is increasing, including women, people of color, and youth,

the Foundation is committing more of its resources to programs that speak to people in these populations, hopefully averting the explosive growth of infections among these groups experienced in other cities.

The Foundation works to prevent the spread of HIV and increase AIDS awareness through a variety of programs, including the following: